Recently started up a business and struggling to find things for the office? Look no further as we have chosen the top 6 things to have in the office(and no this doesn't include Ricky Gervais or Steve carrel)

6. A desk fan

We have all been stuck in a room on a warm day unable to concentrate due to the heat. That's why number six on the list is the 3 speed igenix desk fan. It has three speeds so you can decide how fast you want the air coming towards you. It also doesn't make a lot of noise so it's perfect for office environments where you're around other people. It also has a tilt function which allows you to make sure that the air is going the direction you want it to.

5. A coffee machine

Not all of us are morning people but coffee can help solve it that's why number five on the list is the LOGIK LC10DCR12 Coffee Maker. Not only does this make great coffee it also has a keep warm function so that means if you don't have time to drink it straight away you can keep it till later. The jug capacity is for up to ten cups so that means ten people in the office can go from being crabbit to happy as larry and that makes for a more efficient office. Its also only £14.97 and to make work easier in the mornings that's pretty cheap.

4. Speakers

Every office needs some sort of music in the background as pure silence can make working difficult and to be honest just pure depressing. For this i've chosen the sonos play 1.
The reason i've picked this is because it can be linked with other sonos systems so you can have music going through the entire office depending on how many you buy. The sound qualities also great and you connect to it from the app on your prefered device pc, phone or tablet through the wifi. Although this can cause problems if the wifi is slow if you have a decent connection and a spotify premium account you will be listening to anything from smooth jazz to GBX in no time. This comes in at about £189 a speaker but honestly it's worth it to have a bit of background noise you can tap your foot to instead of the constant rattling of keys that can turn someone from Dwight Schrute to Patrick Bateman in a matter of hours.

3. A decent pc

For this i have chosen the Specialist Vortex Core 2 Gaming PC
Now i know a lot of you will be looking at this and will have seen the word gaming and might be thinking why would i need a gaming pc for my office?
Well this model comes with Windows 10 , an Intel® Core™ i3-7100 Processor 8GB of ram 1 TB HDD and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card. This will be up to the task of pretty much anything you throw at it. It will easily run programmes like Adobe After Effects Photoshop, Sony Vegas and Ableton for those of you in creative industries and will be able to handle the usual programmes like Microsoft Word ,Powerpoint etc. With a pc like this you are less likely to run into problems because of how powerful it is. There are also three usb 3.0 and three usb 2.0 ports this means you can also have multiple storage devices connected for transferring data whilst still having your mouse and keyboard plugged in. The only downfall is that it costs £649.99 but with some handy PC World voucher codes you can bring the price down.

2. A decent printer

The printer i have chosen for this is the HP Envy 4527 All in one Wireless Inkjet Printer. The reason i have chosen this printer is because it doesn't just print it also copies and scans. It also comes with a four month free trial for hp instant ink which offers up to 70 percent off ink.
It also offers automatic double sided printing and it's only 39.99.

1. comfortable seating

Comfortable seating in an office is important because if the seat you have is uncomfortable and it's giving you a sore back you won't be working as effectively as you could be. For this reason i have chosen theComfort ergo 2 lever operator chair. It's only £52 has an ergonomic posture adjustable curved back and seat pad with lumbar support. The seat you choose is the one you're going to be stuck with from nine till five in most cases so we choose this because its comfortable and affordable.