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REVIEWS / VIDEO - 9 months ago

HelloPlant tells you if your ficus is firsty

& Plants, like humans, need food, water, beer, and television. What better way to tell if your plant is hungry or thirsty (or bored) than a little nubbin that sits inside its pot and send you notifications when things are amiss. That’s why you...

REVIEWS / VIDEO - 9 months ago

Solar cell lenses give these shades a charge

& Over the years I’ve seen concepts of solar-powered sunglasses come and go, but the dream of for some reason wearing solar panels on my face has eluded me — until today. Genius engineers at Karlsruhe Instutite of Technology have successf...

REVIEWS / VIDEO - 9 months ago

Fitbit tries to convince investors it’s still alive

& Fitbit’s shares are not much more than 10% of the highs it reached of $47.60 in July 2015, the month following its public debut. On Wednesday, Fitbit closed $5.07, just barely a “unicorn” at $1.16 billion in market value. But the...